5 Ways To Re-Invent Your Style

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If you are longing for a dramatic change in your appearance, you do not have to lose 30 pounds or max out all your credit cards at the shopping stores. Even small changes can do wonders to your look. Below are five quick and inexpensive ways to reinvent your style. And unlike the trendy diets that seem to monopolize every media outlet, these simple changes are effortless.

Play up your eyes in a different way

If you really want to revamp your look, your eyes can help you do just that in a big way. You can opt for bold shadows or a dramatic smoky eye to add some instant glamour to your look. Use a lengthening mascara to curl up your lashes and to give them the wow effect. If you want to feel super-glam, you can opt for coloured contact lenses with subtle but beautiful shades such as hazel, blue, or green. If you have never used coloured contact lenses, check out our guide on wearing coloured contacts.

Slip into a sexy lingerie

Feeling stylish starts with what you have underneath your clothes. Wearing sexy lingerie makes you feel sexy. Pair well designed and fitting lingerie with your outfit to turn your look into an instant stunner. Lacy, silk, smooth lingerie, should fit well while providing great coverage. It should also provide structured paneling to give your body the perfect silhouette. The clothes we wear have an impact on the way we feel. So it only makes sense that if you wear something sexy and comfortable inside you will feel more confident and positive on the outside.

Don some lipstick

Not just any lipstick, but red lipstick. Nothing shouts glamour like a red pout. Switch your usual nude lip-gloss for a bold shade of lipstick. If you are unsure of which shade to pick, consider your skin tone. If you have a pale skin tone, pick a pinkish or a rosy shade. If you have a darker complexion, do not be afraid to pick bolder and brighter shades of red.

Modernize your nail polish

Your nails may seem minor when it comes to your style, but they too can have a significant impact on your outlook. Instead of the usual oval-shaped manicured tips, you can opt for a daring straight file, referred to as a ‘squoval’ by manicurists. You can also switch from the warm and safe shades of pink and beige to bold hues such as black, metallic or red to add a dash of elegance to your overall style.

Ditch your flat shoes for a pair of heels

Flat shoes are convenient and comfortable but they don’t necessary do a good job of showing off your legs or sleeking out your posture. A fantastic way to improve you style is switching to a pair of lovely heels. Heels will make you look leaner, elongate your legs, and enhance your outfit.

Whether you choose to bring a bit of drama to your eyes with coloured contact lenses, improve your posture, or change your dressing style altogether, little adjustments can go a long way. Deciding to reinvent your style could potentially boost your confidence, your first impression, and even your physical attractiveness.

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