Are Colored Contacts More Expensive?

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As we all know, contact lenses that give our eyes a different color cost us more than those clear, standard soft contact lenses that has a light blue handling tint. This can vary considerably based on where and how you are going to purchase one.

If you prefer to make your purchase online, gathered data from a leading contact lens retailer in October 2018, and they found out that a 6-pack of popular colored contact lenses cost $88, while a 6-pack of standard clear contact lenses from the same retailer costs $42. (excluding rebates, volume discounts and special promotions)

Why do they cost more?

Colored contact lenses cost more than clear ones because of several various reasons. First, there is an added effort in researching which tints are mostly popular and developing methods to able to make these lenses appear natural on the eye.

Also, there is additional manufacturing costs in the tinting process since fewer colored lenses are being produced and sold than regular lenses which prohibits manufacturers to enjoy the same economies of scale with those who produce clear ones.

Here are some of the other factors that increase the cost of colored lenses:


Those colored lenses that correct astigmatism requires an even complicated and sophisticated design to be able to keep the lenses from rotating on the eye and to align astigmatic correction on the eye properly.

It is widely known and accepted that these type of lenses cost twice as much as those colored lenses that people wear only for aesthetic purposes or those that only correct nearsightedness since these lenses are really being manufactured for medical purposes.

Special Effect Contact Lenses

These type of contact lenses are popular during Halloween and costume parties and are also known as theatrical contact lenses. Some also call these costume contacts or gothic contacts. These are aesthetic contact lenses used to solely change eye color and appearance. These are typically sold separately in individual glass vials and prices may range from $50 to more than $200 per lens.

Custom Color Contacts

These are those lenses that are individually produced and hand painted. An example of this are those used to mask a scarred or deformed eye. These lenses are called prosthetic contact lenses. Custom color lenses usually cost several hundred dollars per lens. These are the most expensive type since an even greater effort is being applied in producing it and because it is manually being produced.

Always put to mind that colored lenses, whether purchased solely to change eye color, or whether they are not being used to correct certain vision impairment, are medical devices and cannot be purchased legally in the US without a valid written prescription from a licensed eye doctor.

To be able to have a doctor’s prescription, you must first undergo contact lens fitting so that your doctor can ensure that you will be given the correct lenses that would best fit your eyes and that you can safely tolerate contact lens wear.

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