Are Coloured Contacts Bad For My Eyes?

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Even though coloured contact lenses are in direct contact with such a delicate body part as the eyes, they are absolutely safe to use; therefore, users do not require a doctor’s prescription to buy them. However, it is mandatory to strictly follow the usage and maintenance indications in order to keep the lenses in proper conditions and avoid any possible damage to the vision or cornea.

Coloured contacts are innocuous and can be used by any healthy individual. This means that even though coloured contact lenses are prescription-free, users should be self-responsible and visit an ophthalmologist before using contact lenses. The medical professional will evaluate your eyes and your vision to verify there are no current infections, eye-conditions or vision impairments that could lead to any harm. So, undergo an evaluation and once they doctor confirms your eyes and vision are fine, you can start searching for your favorite contacts.

The second step is to make sure you buy good quality contact lenses. To ensure this, you have to buy contact lenses online or at in-site stores that specialize in contact lenses. Experienced and specialized sellers are the only ones who can grant the quality of the product they are selling. Besides, they can advise you on which lenses are more proper for your natural eye colour since they count a large variety of colours, and they offer specific coloured contact lenses for dark eyes and light eyes, as well. The other advantage is that professional sellers are informed and capable of explaining you on how to properly use and take care of your contacts. So, never buy your contacts from sellers such as street vendors, boutiques or beauty salons. Remember that, even they are used for cosmetic purposes, lenses are still medical devices.

In third place, you need to learn how to correctly put in or remove your lenses. Ask your seller about it. It takes just a few steps and a few seconds to change your eye colour. One basic thing before inserting or removing the contacts is to make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your hands.. Verify that there is no debris left in your hands, or they could transfer to your lenses and eyes cause irritation and even corneal damage.

Finally, the fourth aspect to pay attention to is to take proper care of them and store them correctly.

You will have to use a special solution to clean them on a daily basis, and you will have to store them in the container that will have to be used only to store them. You will have to clean the container regularly and make sure that you store your lenses fully soaked in contact lenses solution.

In conclusion, if you pay attention to these four aspects, nothing bad will happen to your eyes, and you will be able of changing your look within an instant and go out there, fascinating everybody around with a refreshed, vivid and sparkly look!

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