Best Coloured Contact Lenses For Light Eyes

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Coloured Contacts can be the most important cosmetic aid to enhance the beauty or colour of your light eyes or to directly change your original light colour. Depending on which contacts you select, you will be able to achieve different effects. So, take a quick look at the different options and base on what you want to add to your look or change of it, and make your choice.

To begin with, you should know that tinted coloured contacts are the most common choice for people with light eyes, since they allow achieving a natural look, while opaque lenses are the most suitable ones for individuals with dark eyes.

Tinted contacts are translucent; therefore, they permit the natural color to show up to some degree. So, if you just want to add a tint to your light eyes to make them seem more vivid or add brightness to your light eyes; select a lighter tone of your own light colour.

You may want to give your light blue eyes a different tone, for example. In such a case, you could choose translucent green coloured contacts and give your eyes a different tint.

Let´s suppose you want to maintain your original colour but have a very intense and captivating look. For this effect, you should get three tones lenses. These lenses will make you have an impacting look. The lighter tones on the inner section, combined with the mid-tone colour touch and the darker outer circle will make your look absolutely outstanding, fresh, and vivid.

 In those examples, the final result will be very natural, since your natural colour will still be somehow visible.

Sometimes people with light eyes think that their colour lacks definition. This happens to many people with light blue eyes. For them, blue coloured contacts of a darker tone than theirs will provide them the lively and defined colour they desire.

On the other side, for a dramatic change, light eyes can benefit from opaque contacts and go from light eyes into having a mysterious dark look wearing opaque dark lenses.

People with like eyes have the great advantage of being able to obtain from subtle to drastic changes in their looks using both translucent or opaque contacts.

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