Can I still wear my contacts again after not wearing them for a while?

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This is a commonly asked question especially for those who are just starting out with contacts. Most of the time, people will buy contacts and try them for the first time for Halloween. After trying them on, one might just set them aside until the actual event rolls around.

Here are some important things to remember when caring for contacts you won’t be wearing often:

  1. Keep in mind the duration of lenses you have – Some lenses are monthly ones which mean you have to throw them out after 30 days. However, those that last 30 days can actually last longer if not worn daily. We’ve found that occasional wear can stretch the longevity of contacts up to 60 days. However, make sure to take proper care of them and make sure these lenses are durable. Yearly lenses are also available for those who are looking for contacts meant for long-term wear. These are the ones that last up to a year.
  2. Don’t forget to change the solution – Changing the solution of your lenses doesn’t have to be a daily task but try to change them at least every 3 days to make sure they retain proper moisture and freshness.
  3. Are your lenses gas permeable or soft? – If your lenses are gas permeable, they will withstand not changing solution often better. For gas permeable lenses, if you neglect them longer than a week or so, you may clean them with a contact lens cleaner and leave overnight with a conditioning solution. However, if your contacts are soft, it is probably better to throw them out if you haven’t touched them longer than a week. Since contact lenses and solution are a good breeding ground for bugs and such, it’s best to not risk it.
  4. Opt for daily lenses – If you’re a very infrequent user or will only be using lenses for events, it might be a better idea to get daily lenses instead. These are used once (one day) and then thrown out. This is also much more hygienic that way.

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