Can I Wear Colored Contacts Without A Prescription?

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Absolutely! You do not need a medical prescription to wear colored contact lenses. Sometimes also called cosmetic contact lenses, colored contacts have no optical power, which means they do not modify or correct your vision. Therefore, unless you have vision issues that need to be catered through the use of vision correcting glasses or contacts, it is not necessary to count with a doctor’s prescription.

Colored lenses were created to give people the opportunity of changing their look. Within a few seconds, users can modify their appearance, highlight their eyes, add depth or intensity to their look.  Or contact lenses can be used just to have fun wearing fantasy designs at special occasions,  or they can become whoever they want to become with the variety of crazy contact lenses that let people have cat-eyes, smiley-eyes and even psychedelic hypnotic eyes.

Contacts fit most eyes since they come in a standard size that fit most users. They are made of totally innocuous materials that do not hurt the eye or affect the vision of the users; therefore, no prescription is required. Of course, as in any field of business, there may be low-quality materials that could cause some damage after usage.

For that reason, it is mandatory to buy your contacts from specialized and reputable sellers. So,  always seek for a professional contact lens on-line or in-site seller before making your purchase. Though they have cosmetic purposes, contacts are still medical devices. So make sure you are buying a quality product since even when they can be bought over-counter, you are buying something that will be in direct contact with your eyes, you are not buying candies at the supermarket.

Based on their safety when properly used and taken care of, they are prescription-free.

However, it is strongly recommended visiting an ophthalmologist or optometrist before you buy colored contacts. The professional will examine your eyes and your vision to verify that your eyes are healthy and wearing contacts will not cause any damage. Any previously undetected visual impairment or eye condition could lead to vision problems or eye issues such as corneal abrasions or infections.

The best advice is to consult an eye-doctor, and once you verify you are in optimal conditions, you can freely choose among the hundreds of contacts and select the ones that will let you transform your look, safely, quickly and prescription free!

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