Can Teenagers Use Colored Contacts? Are They Good For Them?

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Any person can wear colored contacts for cosmetic purposes as long as their eyes and vision are in healthy conditions, and teenagers are not an exception.

However, before you buy colored contact lenses for you teenager kid, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist. The doctor will perform a quick vision test to discard any visual condition that could require corrective lenses, and will also observe the teen´s eyes with augmenting devices to check the eyes are normal and healthy. With a doctor´s approval, which is mandatory for first-time users, the fun of choosing the new eye color can begin.

Regarding whether wearing colored contacts is good for teenagers or not, I do not hesitate to say yes, they can be really good for them. Adolescence is a problematic stage of life during which most adolescents suffer from low self-esteem, many reject their bodies and overall appearance and most of them have an inner struggle trying to find their own identity which they will want to express adopting different looks or styles. Many teens even go adopting new looks and styles, changing their clothing or hairstyles several times during a few years until they find what suits them better, or what reflects who or how they are.

The same way that clothing and hairstyle help them express themselves or help them feel more comfortable with their appearance, colored contact lenses can help as well, and sometimes even much more. If an adolescent does not like his eyes or feels his/her eyes are not expressive enough, or simply wishes to have an outstanding look, colored lenses can be an invaluable aid to raise his low self-esteem and security.

The benefits will not only be regarding augmenting self-esteem; they can also help to increase social skills. Eye contact is the first communicating tool we have, and what allows us to establish a deeper personal connection with the others. A teenager that is pleased with his eyes and look will be more prone to leave shyness and insecurity aside and establish interpersonal connections with his peers.

Furthermore, adolescence is usually the stage of life where we start feeling emotional and sexual attraction. It is when we start learning how to seduce the opposite sex. Some use their verbal skills, other´s learn that their smiles are their strongest seductive tool, and many learn how an enchanting look into the other´s eyes can conquer their hearts. So, why not giving our teens the chance of having such a captivating look wearing contacts?

Finally, but something that is fundamental is that the teenager should be clearly instructed on how to use and take proper care of their contacts to grant their eyes and vision safety.

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