Change Your Makeup Style Starting From Your Eyes

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Usually, women tend to maintain the same makeup style for years and years. Once women find makeup colors and forms of applying it that makes them look prettier and augment or minimize their positive and negative features, they simply stick to them. However, this leads to boredom. Sometimes we need to risk and try new things to add some excitement or to discover new looks that can make us look more beautiful, more glamorous or more juvenile. Makeup products and trends keep varying so it may be really worth it trying them and updating our appearance to fashion trends.

Today I will like to show you how to change your makeup style starting from your eyes. And, moreover, just by changing your eyes-makeup you can achieve a completely renovated and new look.

Dare to try colored contact lenses. Yes, the most impacting cosmetic aid to change your look are cosmetic colored contacts.

People with green eyes, the most rarely found eye color always choose eyeshadows that help to enhance this rare and seductive eye color. And that is correct. But, why don´t you go a step further and buy yourself bright emerald green colored contact lenses? Moreover, if you choose three tones lenses, you will not only enhance this precious color but also add a unique brightness and intensity that no eyeshadow or eyeliner could ever add to them. Of course, makeup will help too. To go from a pale green to a jade green iris will be a significant advance to start with, but then surrounding them with a contrasting black eyeliner and mascara will really make them stand out. Women with green eyes usually wear different tones of greenish eyeshadows in order to put an accent on that exquisite tone.

However, changing to a contrasting color will maximize the effect. Pink, lilac and violet eyeshadows can let you achieve a modern, dramatic and sophisticated look!

Brown eyes can be transformed into mysterious and exotic eyes if you adopt the smokey-eye make up style that is frequently seen on movie stars and models. But, if you want an amazing smokey-eyes effect, you could try wearing hazel or honey colored contacts. Prefer three tones lenses, Those come with a lighter tone at the inner side, a medium tone, and a darker outer ring. The result will be the most bright and captivating brownish eyes! The main eyeshadow should be dark brown, applying some lighter brown color at the inner corner of your eyelid and solid black right where eyelashes are. Don´t forget to disseminate it. Apply black mascara or, even better, long false black eyelashes.

Blue-eyed women should enhance the purity of their blue color with colored lenses too. If their blue is too dark, a translucent sky blue or turquoise will give them the light they need. On the contrary, not so defined light blue eyes can benefit from blue two tones lenses in order to give them brilliance thanks to the lighter tone, and give them color purity with the darker blue tone in them. When it comes to makeup, copper and bronze eyeshadows will give a modern style while pale pinks, grays or lilac eyeshadows will let you allow a romantic and sweet look.

Having introduced such a change in your eyes makeup, the only remaining thing to do is to choose a lipstick matching your eyeshadow color, but in a lighter tone. The emphasis of your new makeup style will put on your eyes, and your lips will simply have to accompany and combine with it.

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