Colored Contact Lenses – Are They Safe?

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It’s certainly a lot of fun when you can change the appearance of your eyes from a staid and loyal brown to an exciting shade of amethyst or hazel. But will you be harming your eyes by doing this? Are colored contact lenses safe – this debate has been raging on for some time now. There have been reports that these colored contacts can cause eye injury, a corneal infection known as Keratitis and some other conditions. So should you rather stay away from them? Let’s investigate.

When you buy green contact lenses, blue contact lenses, or lenses in other colors, you are trying to enhance your appeal or sport a new and often dramatic look. But surely, you’ll not want to take any chances.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe?

Before anything, it’s good to realize here that colored contacts have been used for several years now. Their usefulness and safety are now well established. Yes, there have been a few instances of injuries and infections, but the fact is that these incidences have occurred mainly from wearing the lenses incorrectly, taking inadequate care of them, and even from sharing the lenses. Crazy contact lenses can be hard to resist, but you shouldn’t ever swap them. Maintain them properly, and they should be just fine. And of course, you should buy colored contacts from a reliable source.

You can certainly maintain eye health by following some basic safety rules. People in the medical profession have been asking us not to wear them without a valid prescription. But such thoughts have changed radically over the years, as it has been established that these colored contacts are safe for the eyes if they are used correctly that is.

Using Your Colored Contact Lenses Safely

  • Remember, you should never wear your colored lenses for several hours, as they generally don’t have medical benefits.
  • Never wear your contacts when you are going to bed. Always take them off.
  • Always check the legitimacy and quality of the brand, whether you are buying colored contact lenses online or offline. You’ll always want to play it safe here.
  • Use a lens case with screw-on lids to prevent any leaks. These cases are always better than those that close down when you press. Lens solution may leak out with these cases when they are not kept upright, and as a result, your lens could become dry.
  • It makes sense to go for extended wear lenses because you can keep using them for a long time, thus saving money. But it’s essential to take good care of them. Use enzymatic tablets regularly for cleaning these lenses. You’ll then keep them healthy.
  • Use the correct lenses – You should always choose the right lenses to get the best of them. For instance, if you have dark eyes, then go for colored contacts for dark eyes. Opaque tints are good for dark eyes, while enhancement tints are good for people with light eyes.

So don’t worry about safety. Colored contact lenses, and even those for special occasions, like Halloween contact lenses, are safe. Just take good care of them and wear them safely.

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