Colored Contact Lenses for Men

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For some reason, most people assume that being cosmetic, colored contacts are basically for the female public. That is erroneous; men can take advantage of them too. However, in the majority of the cases, men will not like a too noticeable or obvious eye color change.

Wearing colored lenses not necessarily mean having to have such a dramatic or artificial change. It is all about choosing the right lenses in order to get a deep and vivid look, enhancing or modifying the natural color just a little bit.

Or do you think that all those men that have such intense and attractive looks that make women melt were blessed by Mother Nature? Many of them dared to improve their looks and overall appearance wearing contacts.

So, how can you enhance your look, add vivacity to it and still look natural? Simply choosing the right ones depending on your natural eye color. Go on reading and find out which ones will get you that sexy look.

Do you have blue eyes but think they lack definition and your look is not intense enough? Try translucent blue colored contacts; chose a pair of lenses of a color similar to your natural one. You will still have blue eyes since translucent lenses will allow your color to show up, but will intensify their tone. If you get two tones lenses, their inner lighter tone will add your eyes a subtle spark and vivacity. For an even more intense and sophisticated look, choose 3 tones lenses. They have a base blue tone, an inner lighter tone and an outer darker one which will enhance the blue and greatly improve the intensity of your look.

The same advice applies for men with green or gray light eyes, pick lenses similar to the color of your eyes. You will not make a dramatic color change; you will just meliorate and refresh your look, and still maintain the eye color you were born with.

What if you have dark eyes? If you have plain brown eyes, you may want to have a more vivacious look. Seek for hazel or topaz translucent lenses. The lighter tones of the lenses will give your brown eyes a great lighter sparkly effect. Or you may opt for green colored lenses to give your brown eyes a subtle green tint. On the other side, some men may want to directly change their eye color, in this case, they have to choose opaque lenses, which are the only ones that can change the color of dark eyes.

Many men want to have a truly deep and mysterious look, but their dark eyes may not transmit that strength they wished. For them, blackout contact lenses are the answer. Such dark eyes and powerful looks are great to accompany a strong, mysterious and defying personality.

Light or dark-eyed men can equally take advantage of these fantastic devices to naturally improve their looks and reinforce their mannish personalities.

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