Colored Contact Lenses: Frequently Asked Questions And Concerns From Fist Time Users

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People who are regular colored contacts users know how easy it is to put them in, remove them and use them. It takes them an instant to change their look and turn it into an attractive and outstanding one.

Nevertheless, there are many people who wished they had different eye color or could add brilliance or sophistication to their look wearing colored contact lenses, but they have many questions and concerns that prevent them from buying them. So, for those future and first-time users, here are some of the most frequent questions and concerns answered!

-Do I need a doctor´s prescription to buy cosmetic contacts?

No, you don´t. Being safe to use, no medical prescription is required. However, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist to verify that both your eyes and vision are healthy and in perfect conditions to wear contacts.

-Are colored contacts bad for my eyes? Can they affect my vision over time?

No, they are not bad for your eyes, and they will not affect your vision if you make sure to follow all the indications on usage and maintenance. Proper hygiene and storage of your lenses will prevent you from acquiring any eye or vision issues.

-Can I wear my contacts on a daily basis? Can I wear them throughout the day?

Yes, you can wear them daily and even go to work with them. It is advised not to use them for longer than 10 consecutive hours though.

-Can I take a shower with my lenses on? You can take a shower with them if you make sure you do not look up into the falling water and take precautions not to let your soap or shampoo to get into your eyes.

-I love swimming. Can I swim with them in the lake or swimming pool? You should better take out your contacts when going swimming. There may be bacteria or germs in the water that could cause eye infections. Besides, there is a high risk of losing them!

-Can I practice sports wearing contacts? You can go jogging, practice aerobics, train weightlifting, and some other sports as long as they do not involve physical contact or where you do not risk being hit by a ball or object.

-Can I sleep with them? No, you should remove your lenses before going to sleep. However, if you fall asleep without noticing, you will not necessarily end up damaged.

-Can I share my contacts with a friend who is as healthy as me? Absolutely not. You risk getting an infection even if the other person seems healthy as you, sometimes infections can go inadvertently in some individuals, or the other person could be in the first stages and still show no symptoms.

-Is it safe to buy colored contacts online? It is safe as long as you make sure you buy them from a qualified seller who knows what he is selling and is informed to assist you on your purchase and instruct you on how to take care of your lenses and, ultimately, of your eyes and vision.

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