Colored Contacts And Sports

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Many people mistakenly believe that if they wear contact lenses, they can not practice sports. The truth is that colored contacts are made of soft material and you can perfectly wear them while practicing your favorite sports. Yes, you can keep your lovely look while making sports.

Many professional athletes and sportsmen use contacts on a regular basis. Some of them wear colored contacts just to improve their looks, and some have even claimed that colored contact lenses improved their performance! Bryce Harper (Washington Nationals), for instance, has been using red tinted contacts. He found out that the tint in the lenses helped him reduce sun glare and contributed to enhancing visual contrast, thus helping him to spot the ball. An increasing number of sportsmen are using tinted fantasy colored contacts claiming they help them reduce the sunlight blinding effect.

On the other side, there are many sportsmen who need prescription lenses to correct their vision. And you do not see them wearing classical glasses, right? Do you think all sports-persons have perfect vision? They do not, they wear soft corrective contacts! Considering that the cosmetic lens is also made of soft material, why not using your cosmetic colored contacts too?

Furthermore, the industry of contact lenses has specially developed tinted contacts for sports-persons, since depending on their tints, they can not only help them cope with excessive sunlight reflection but can also enhance their visual acuity and contrast. Some of these lenses even come with protection against sun´s ultraviolet rays.

However, wearing corrective or cosmetic lenses always implies having a strange object directly over our delicate eyes. Therefore, if you wear colored lenses only for aesthetic purposes, it is recommended not to wear them when playing contact sports such martial arts or rugby, for example, or while practicing any sports in which you could get hit. It is a just a matter of avoiding unnecessary risks so as to protect your eyes, your vision, and your lenses.

The other recommendation is to avoid swimming with your cosmetic lenses in. There could be harmful bacteria or damaging agents in the water and, on the other side,  you could easily lose them while swimming.

Fortunately, with quality contacts, you can keep an active lifestyle, practice sports and still keep taking care of your look.

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