Coloured Contact Lenses: Questions And Answers

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Is it necessary to visit an ophthalmologist before buying coloured contact lenses?

It is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended especially for first-time users. The doctor will evaluate your eyes and vision to confirm that you are in healthy conditions to safely use cosmetic contacts.

Do I need a doctor´s prescription to buy coloured contacts?

No, cosmetic coloured contacts do not require a doctor´s prescription.

Can I take a shower or swim while wearing contact lenses?

You should avoid taking a shower or swim while wearing your lenses. Micro-elements and germs present in the water may cause eye irritation or infections.

Can I practice sports wearing contacts?

Yes, you can. However, try to avoid contact sports or sports practices where you could be hit.

If I run out of solution, can I use tap water to clean or store my lenses?

You should not use tap water. If you ever run out of contact´s solution, use the sterilized saline solution as an alternative.

Is it safe to buy contact lenses online?

It is safe only if you buy your coloured contact lenses from a specialized seller that provides you with quality products and offers replacement guarantee in case of manufacturing faults or if damage during shipment occurs.

Can people with dark eyes change their eye colour with contacts?

Yes, it is possible because there are coloured contacts for dark eyes. People with dark eyes need to buy opaque lenses to change their colour.

Do I have to put on my contacts before or after applying makeup?

Insert your lenses first, and then proceed to apply your makeup. Avoid using eyeliner on the inner part of your eyelids, ensure you replace your cosmetics once a year and enjoy enhancing the beauty of your new look!

Can I share my contacts with a friend who is healthy as I am?

No, do not do that. No matter how healthy and cautious your friend maybe, we all have germs in our bodies, and even when not noticeable, your friend may have bacteria that will be transmitted to you and may cause your eye infection.

I don´t want to change my eye colour, just add some vivacity and luminosity to my look, what lenses should I choose?

Opt for translucent coloured lenses similar to your natural colour. Go for translucent three tones lenses which will allow you original colour to be visible but will add lighter sparks to your look, and give more contrast and expression to your look with the outer darker circle.

Are coloured lenses comfortable and safe to wear?

Yes, they are made of soft material, water-based, providing the same quality and comfort as corrective hydrogel contacts. If you follow the wearing and caring indications, you will be safe from any harm.

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