Colored Contact´s Common Myths

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Despite the fact that colored contacts are increasingly popular, there is a lot of misinformation regarding them and their correct usage and care. Probably you are one of those who wished to change or alter their natural eye color, but the myths around them are preventing you from having your dreamed look. Read on, maybe you will find out that having your favorite eye color or enchanting look is just a few clicks away from you.

1- I need to have a doctor´s prescription to buy colored contacts. This is false. If you have no eye-conditions, if you have good vision and are only looking for esthetic melioration, you do not need a prescription. However, it is recommended to visit a doctor if you are a first-time user; he will confirm your eyes and vision are in good conditions to safely use cosmetic lenses.

2- It is not safe to buy colored contacts online. False. If you buy them from a specialized seller, you will receive the same quality lenses you would acquire at an in-site specialized store. However, it is recommended to buy them only from reliable and specialized sellers.

3- Only people with light eyes can change their eye color wearing contacts. Totally far from the truth. There are colored contacts for dark eyes and light eyes. People with dark eyes can change their color with opaque lenses. Translucent contacts, however, are most suitable for people with light eyes.

4- You cannot play sports while wearing contacts. Sure you can! As a matter of fact, many renowned athletes wear them to take care of their appearance or to fight sun glare. It is advised though, to avoid contact sports and swimming.

5- I can prolong the durability of my contacts long beyond expiry date if I keep them hydrated and in good conditions. Even when it is really that you can enlarge their apparent good conditions of usage, it is necessary to replace them on their indicated expiry date for the safety of your eyes and vision.

6- If you run out of cleaning solution, you can momentarily use saliva or tap boiled water to clean them. This is false and could lead to eye infections from the bacteria present on the saliva or to damage due to micro-elements present in tap water.

7- You cannot wear makeup while wearing contacts. Totally erroneous. You can wear makeup! Apply it before inserting the lenses, avoid applying eyeliner on the inner part of your eyelids, replace your makeup once a year and take the most out of your new colored contacts.

8- Finally, the most widespread myth: contacts are unsafe. This is absolutely unreal. They are safe as long as you buy good quality lenses and strictly follow the indications of usage and maintenance. If they were unsafe, they wouldn´t be allowed to be sold without prescription! Just make sure you follow all the indications!

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