Common Myths and Misconceptions with Wearing Contacts

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Millions of people around the world use contact lenses for various reasons. It may be because they have certain vision or eye problems that need to be corrected, it’s a more comfortable choice to them than wearing eyeglasses, or simply because they wanted to change the appearance of their eyes.

In connection to these reasons always comes the common myths and misconceptions when wearing contact lenses.

In this article, we will be answering some of those myths and misconceptions with medical and valid explanations.

  • Is it possible for contact lenses to get behind my eyes?
  • This is very impossible to happen. There is a thin membrane that covers our eyes and connects to the inside of our eyelids. With correct and proper fitting, your contact lenses should stay in place almost all the time. Even in some cases where contact lenses tend to move out of place, it usually stays in the eye until you can move it back. So physically speaking, there is no chance that this thing could happen.

  • Can contact lenses scratch my eyes?
  • Honestly speaking, this type of contact lens related problem can really take place, but it is usually caused by improper fitting and lens care. So, it is really important that you regularly visit your eye care doctor and undergo eye check ups. It is also vital that you follow his/her advice on how to properly handle and take good care of your lenses.

  • Can they be stuck in my eyes?
  • Very unlikely, since contact lenses are moist and can be easily removed. Just follow the method that your eye doctor has given you, have more patience and do lots of practice, you can easily adapt to wearing and removing contact lenses in no time.

  • Is there a possibility for contact lenses to pop out of my eyes?
  • Not likely. If you are going to follow the correct steps in putting and removing your contact lens, this is very unlikely to happen. Even in some rare cases where your lenses shift, it must stay in your eyes until you move it back in place.

  • Are eye infections common when wearing contact lenses?
  • Contact lens related eye problems can possibly occur if you follow improper cleaning routine and regimen. But as long as you do what your eye doctor told you, you should be just fine.

  • Are contact lenses more expensive than glasses?
  • Actually, contact lenses can be surprisingly affordable. Also, if you have vision insurance, you can be more surprised that costs may even be less. Additionally, replacing a lost or damaged contact lenses is a lot easier than replacing a lost or damaged glasses.

  • Can you only wear contacts if you need glasses all the time?
  • In cases where there is not a great need for vision correction, contact lenses can be accessible alternative to wear when you need them in activities such as sports. Unlike traditional eyeglasses, they do not fog up, smudge, fall off, or break, and you will not lose any peripheral vision.

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