Dos And Don´ts When Using Coloured Contact Lenses

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Buying and wearing colored contacts is simply exciting! The sole fact of being able to change, modify or enhance our look within a few seconds and in a simple, affordable and safe manner seems just too good to be true. But, fortunately, it is. We can have the amazing, extravagant or bright look we always admired on those gorgeous models and actors that enchant us through the TV screen with just a look from their eyes.

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Nevertheless, there are some dos and don´t s we have to pay attention to in order to grant not only we can have that astonishing look, but also to maintain our colored contacts in proper conditions and, much more importantly, our eyes and vision healthy and safe.


- Buy colored contact lenses online or at in-site stores only from specialized sellers.

-Use specific cleaning and rinsing (or multipurpose) solutions to clean your contacts.

-Use always a fresh solution.

-Wash and dry your hands before inserting or removing your lenses.

-Store them soaked in a solution in a particular case or container. Clean the case regularly.

-Wear your lenses only for the recommended amount of hours per day (8 to 10).

-Respect the indicated wearing period for your contacts.

-If you like wearing makeup apply it before putting the lenses on.


-Don´t buy your colored contact lenses at beauty salons, general stores or street vendors. This ensures you are buying quality products.

-Don´t clean them with a tap or bottled water. Prevent irritating or infectious agents from transferring to your eyes or damage your contacts.

-Don´t reuse the cleaning solution.

-Don´t apply creams or lotions to your hands prior to putting in or removing the lenses.

-Don´t use the lens cases for other purposes than storing them.

-Don´t use your contacts while sleeping.

-Don´t exceed from the usage period recommended even if the lenses seem to be in good conditions.

-Don´t apply eyeliner to the inner part of your eyelids.

-Don´t share your colored contact lenses with anyone. This could lead to an eye infection.

-Don´t go swimming or get into a hot tub while wearing your lenses. You could get an infection, an irritation or lose them.

If you observe these simple precautions, you will be able to keep your lenses in good conditions as well as maintaining your eyes and vision totally risk-free of any possible damage. Follow this advice and you will enjoy a beautiful, attractive and healthy look.

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