Easy Ideas To Have Fun Changing Your Style

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It is said that our appearance, our style somehow reflects our personality or our moods. The truth is that we are not always in the same mood, and our personality has many different facets that are not always reflected in our usual style. Besides, changing our overall style may not only transmit those hidden aspects, it can be just a matter of having fun. Trying new things, surprising ourselves and the ones around us. There is no need to spend huge amounts of money to make such a change; it is just about using our imagination and creativity and daring to have fun!

Change your hairstyle! There are amazing clip-on hair extensions that will allow you to transform your short hair into a sexy long down to the waist hair. Play with different colors and lengths. Go from straight to curly. Or let a wig make you go from brunette to platinum blonde!

What about your eyes? For a dramatic transformation, change your eye color wearing colored contact lenses. There are colored contacts for dark and light eyes, so you can completely change your look with any of the varied colored contacts regardless of your original eye color. Buy green, blue, violet and hazel colored contacts and alternate them to have fun trying different styles. You can be a blonde blue-eyed girl one day, and a brown-eyed brunette the following day!

Have fun with your nails too! If your nails are short, try some false nails. You don´t need to go to a beauty salon, there are great acrylic nails you simply glue on top of your own nails. You can buy them translucent and color them with your favorite enamel or choose from the amazing variety of fantasy designs and colors.

You can have fun with your skin too! If you are pale, why not trying a tanning spray or foam to look like if you just arrived from your vacations at the Caribbean Sea? Why not making an impact changing your formal look and becoming a rocker girl? Play with temporary tattoos and stick-on piercings.

Change your makeup style! If you usually focus on your eyes, try neutral natural tones on your eyes and focus on enhancing your lips with a shocking red, purple or pink! On the contrary, if you usually enhance your lips, change to nude tone lipstick and enhance your eyes with a smokey-eye look!   Don´t forget false eyelashes for a greater impact!

Finally, your clothing style needs to be adapted to your different looks. You do not need to spend money changing your wardrobe; just play with different accessories. The same outfit can give you a completely different style depending on the accessories. For instance, your regular blue jeans can become part of a sexy look if you combine them with a sexy top, high heels, a nice belt, and long earrings, or it can be adapted to a rocker style if combined with a leather jacket and a studded belt.

Use your creativity and without having to spend huge amounts of money or time, you will be able to

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