Eyeliner for Every Eye Shape

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If there’s any kind of makeup that we dread most, it’s eyeliner. It requires quite a bit of skill and patience to get right but that’s only the half of it! If you’re pretty new to makeup, then it’s good to know that eyeliner can be a bit tricky especially since you also have to match the line style to your eye shape. Thankfully, you can start off with this guide to give you an idea of what would good on you based on your eye shape. Below is a chart with different eye shapes for you to refer to in finding your own.

Once you’ve found the kind of eyes you have, here are some suggestions as to what looks good with them.

If you have monolid eyes:

This means your eyelids don’t have that extra fold in them. This beautiful eye shape is most common in Asians. When applying eyeliner, do a thick line and keep checking to see if it appears when your eyes are open. Don’t be scared if your eyeliner looks thick when you close your eyes because it will still look perfect when you open them.

If you have downturned eyes:

Your eyes swoop down a bit on the outer corners so what you’re going to want to do is draw your eyeliner a bit thicker toward the outer corners and then draw a small wing a little past your lid in an upward angle in order to give your eye a more lifted effect

If you have upturned eyes:

Your eyes curve upward toward the outer corners. With this kind of eye shape, you can afford to go bolder with your eyeliner. For this eye shape, create a thin line with a wing at the tips while connecting the wing to your under eyes.

If you have hooded eyes:

You still have that crease in your eyelids but they tend to fall a bit closer to your eyes. For these eyes, you should follow the steps for downturned eyes as this kind of eyeliner style also suits hooded eyes best.

If you have almond eyes:

Then you’re in luck because you have the most versatile eye shape. You may apply whatever even shape of eyeliner you choose with any thickness. Wing or no wing is also fine because your eye shape is the easiest to work with.

If you have round eyes:

You’ve got a lot of eyelid real estate to work with. Because your eyes appear very big and round, in order to elongate your eyes for a more elegant effect, you should try to create a triangle shape. A wing at the tips will also help give you a cat eye effect.

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