Famous Celebrities And Their Secret For An Amazing Look: Coloured Contacts!

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Some celebrities are recognized and admired, beyond their artistic talent, for having a gorgeous look that captivates the public with just a glance.

What most people ignore is that many of those astonishing eyes that seduce us from the screen are not natural. Yes, top celebrities take advantage of coloured contact lenses to achieve those famous and distinctive looks. Some of them wear coloured contacts quite regularly merely for aesthetic purposes, while others have done that to help build the character image they were interpreting at the moment.

Orlando Bloom was wearing blue coloured contacts when performing his role Legolas  in The Lord of The Rings, as well as Robert Pattinson used golden twilight coloured contact lenses to achieve the vampire look he was required to represent in “Twilight” and “New Moon.”

Naomi Campbell has shown an impacting and exotic look wearing blue contacts. With her dark skin tone and contrasting blue lenses, she can seduce the cameras and reach a unique, sophisticated effect.

Paris Hilton has naturally brown eyes, but in her pursuit of getting closer to the aesthetics of a Barbie doll, she wears light blue contacts that look really natural on her and that finish the style she wants to transmit.

Jennifer Lopez is famous for her natural beauty and curves. She enhances her Latin beauty type wearing honey or hazel lenses that provide her with a much brilliant look and allow her to make her natural beauty stand out.

Another type of coloured lenses that are being increasingly used is the so-called “circle” or “big eye lenses.” Famous Internet celebrities that made an impact showing an astonishing similarity to a Barbie doll use circle lenses to make their eyes appear bigger and blue as plastic dolls. Valeria Lukynova, Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose are the most representative examples of this generation of girls that dye and do their hairs, wear make, clothes and lenses to imitate the widely criticized look of the famous doll.

In some cases to help them build a character, in others to change their style, some to enhance their natural features or others to create an identity, the reality is that too many celebrities rely on these small cosmetic devices to achieve their desired looks.

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