Five Simple Ways To Freshen Your Look

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If you have come to the point where you look at the mirror and don’t see yourself in the reflected image, but instead you find a tired, aged or opaque looking person, then it is time to do something and freshen your look and rejuvenate yourself. Do not panic, you do not need to undergo any invasive and costly procedure; just a few simple tips will allow you add freshness and vitality, and take years out of your look.

1) Start from within. Adopt a healthier nutrition and drink plenty of water. Avoid or diminish alcohol, coffee and cigarettes consumption and sleep a minimum of 8 hours per day. Proper sleeping will soon reduce those dark circles that add age and steal vitality to your look.

2) Add luminosity and depth to your look wearing coloured contact lenses. Many people have opaque eye-tone, and the only way to enlighten them and give vitality and strength to the look is by the use of coloured contacts. They come in many colours and variations; you can find hazel, gray, brown, sky blue and green coloured lenses. Ask a professional seller, and he will advise you which ones are more suitable for your eye colour since there are coloured contacts for light eyes and dark eyes as well. For the most vibrant and outstanding look, as for the 3 tone lenses which have a lighter tone in the center of the lenses. Within seconds, you will dramatically change and freshen your look and be ready to captivate with just a glance.

3) Learn how to make up so as to enhance the brightness of your eyes and look. (If you wear coloured contacts, apply the makeup before you put on your lenses). Make your eyes seem wider with black eyeliner applied at the external side of your eyes, and use a white eyeliner on the inner corner of your eyes to brighten the white part of your eyes and make them seem bigger. Also, curl your upper eyelashes and wear dark brown or black mascara. Barely apply mascara to your lower eyelashes, overdoing it may make your eyes look smaller. If you have dark circles under your eyes, apply concealer to cover them.

4) Shape your eyebrows. There is no need to thinner your eyebrows if you like them thick, but you have to keep them defined and trimmed. Maintain your natural brow line and remove the excessive brows that occupy space of your eyelid and make them look careless. Add definition and intensity to your eyebrows with some pencil strokes following the natural direction of your brows. It is important to choose a pencil that matches as much as possible the colour of your brows. Properly shaped and defined eyebrows will add intensity to your look and will enhance your eye colour.

5) Finally, smile! Try to be happy and smile. Nothing freshens and brightens the look of any person more than a smile. It has been said that the eyes are the doors to our soul, and no matter how poetic it may seem, it is a fact that when we are happy and smile, our eyes naturally bright!

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