Frequent Colored Contacts Mistakes Users Do

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Swapping colored contact lenses. Sometimes friends swap their cosmetic lenses as if they were just any other accessory. That is a huge mistake. No matter how healthy the other person may seem, contacts are for personal use. This is to avoid getting eye infections, you never know which bacteria or germs may be unnoticed but present in someone´s eye.

Using an eyeliner on the inner part of the eyelids to enhance their color or using excessive mascara.

Eyeliner is allowed, but should never be applied on the inner lid. This could make some makeup get into your eyes and cause irritation. The same happens when using excessive mascara and lengthening mascaras. The petite fibers they contain to add length and volume to your lashes could get into your eyes, under your colored contact lenses and irritate your cornea.   

Using the colored contacts beyond the indicated expiry date. Some colored lenses have a longer lifespan than others, and it should be strictly respected. No matter if they still seem to be in perfect conditions of usage, disregard them as indicated. This is to ensure the lens´s optimal condition and to avoid potential damage or eye infections.

Not visiting an ophthalmologist before starting to use them. Most users tend to think that since colored contacts are prescription-free they do not need to visit a doctor. However, in the case of first-time users, or once a year for regular colored lenses users, it is recommended to visit a doctor who will check that your eyes and vision and in good conditions for you to safely wear them.

When the lenses accidentally fall, cleaning them on the run,  with saliva and reinserting them. This a big common error. We have tons of bacteria in our saliva which if transferred to our eyes could lead to infection.

Using tap water to clean them or store them. Contacts should only be cleaned and stored on contact´s specific solution. Tap water may contain micro-elements, traces, and germs that could damage both your lenses and eyes.

Sleeping with the colored lenses. If one night you accidentally forget to remove your lenses, nothing will happen. However, even though lenses allow a small percentage of oxygen to get in, you need to give your eyes a rest, so as to permit increased oxygen flow to your eyes.

Not cleaning the lenses before reinserting them in the morning. Many people think that since they cleaned them after removal, there is no need to clean them again in the morning. This is wrong. You have to clean them every time before inserting and after removing them. Hygiene is a must for contact lens users, it is what allows a safe usage, to protect the eyes, the lenses and the vision.

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