How do I wear colored contact lenses?

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Colored contact lenses are very easy to use and take care of. Wearing them for the first time might seem daunting but with a few pointers and a little practice, you will be able to wear them with great ease. When wearing contact lenses, the most important thing is safety; make sure that you follow all the steps properly and do not harm your eyes.

Before we may proceed towards the steps to wearing colored contacts, make sure you have the necessary equipment such a contact lens case, contact lens solution, paper towel, and a mirror. You should use only the contact lens solution to clean your lenses; using water can damage your contacts.

Upon Receiving Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are usually packaged in either sealed glass vials or a blister pack, in order to keep them sterile which can make them difficult to insert for the first time. Make sure you do the following before you insert your lenses:

  1. Open the lens blister pack/ vial.
  2. If the lenses are encased in a glass vial, spill half of the liquid away.
  3. Pour the remaining liquid and your contact lenses into a clean lens case.
  4. Insert the lenses into your eyes or close the pack.

Inserting the Contacts

It is always advised to place your lenses in the case before inserting them and to insert them before putting any makeup. Follow these instructions to put the lens into your right eye; use the opposite hand to insert the lens into the left eye.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror with a paper towel if your eyes water.
  2. Pick up your lens with clean fingers and put it on your index finger (It is recommended to use soft tipped contact lens tweezers).

    The lens should sit on the tip of your finger, forming a smooth curved shape, with the printed side downwards. Rinse the lens with a drop of contact lens solution, if you find it curled up or dry.
  3. Pull down your lower eyelid using your right middle finger and pull up your upper eyelid using your left hand.
  4. Look straight ahead.
  5. Look straight ahead, gently rest the lens in the middle of your eye and carefully remove your finger.
  6. Keep your eye open, and blink after looking right and left.
  7. Check in the mirror that the lens is over your iris. Perfect.

Removing Contact Lenses

  1. Hold your eye open.
  2. Gently move the lens to the outer corner of your eye using your index finger.
  3. Slightly pinch it between your finger and thumb.
  4. Lift it out of your eye.
  1. Place the contacts in a clean contact lens case with contact lens solution.

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