How To Change Your Look With Coloured Contacts

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With coloured contact lenses, you can easily change your look and refresh or renew your overall image!

There are different results you can achieve with coloured contacts, depending on what you want to improve, enhance or modify.

First of all, look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Determine what you like or dislike about your eyes and look. Maybe...

1- Your eyes lack vivacity and brightness?

2- You like your natural eye colour, but it is not vivid enough, or it is opaque?

3- You just don't like the eye colour Mother Nature gave you?

4- Want to make an impacting change and have a sophisticated and astonishing look.

Take it easy, keep on reading and find out how your eyes and look can be improved by just picking the right coloured contact lenses.

What to do to change your look if:

1) you want to add brilliance and vivacity to your eyes: Look for coloured contacts of your same eye colour or a different tone if you want a more dramatic change. If you have or like green eyes chose the green coloured contact lenses more similar to your natural tone, but make sure you select tri-coloured or 3 tone lenses. These possess a lighter tone in the inner part of the lens that is what will add the light you need. Besides, being the outer part darker, the resulting contrast will enhance the sparkling effect of your look, plus add intensity to it.

2) you are satisfied with your natural eye colour but it seems opaque, not sufficiently defined or it is just not vivid enough. In this case, since you do not want to change your eye colour, look for contact lenses matching your natural colour but opt for a lighter tone. It does not matter if you have dark or light eyes, since there are contact lenses for dark eyes and light eyes, as well. The change will be subtle since you are maintaining your colour, but the result will brighten and refresh your look, plus define the colour of your eyes.

3) If you want to change your eye colour and finally have the hazel/blue/green/dark brown eyes you always dreamed of: Simply search for contact lenses for light eyes or dark eyes and select the colour you like! Bored of your light blue eyes? Want green or black eyes to make a change? Do it, it just takes a few seconds and it is easy, affordable and secure!

4) If you want to make an impact and have a unique eye colour that no one will be able to avoid

looking at, choose a more exclusive colour and opt for violet, black-out or twilight coloured contacts. If you are more audacious, you can go a step further and choose black wolf, Manson or whiteout crazy contacts.

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