How To Choose The Right Color Contact Lenses For You Based On Your Skin Tone

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Too many times, users fall in the mistake of instinctively choosing their colored contacts, based only on the color that attracts them most. They forget considering what is the most suitable color for them, the one that will look better on them or that will allow them to achieve a certain effect.

Colored contacts come in a myriad of colors and tones, so, why don´t you pick up among the ones that will change and enhance your look while matching your natural characteristics? So, determine what you want to achieve, and go for it!

Use the inner part of your arms as a guide. If you have blueish veins, it is most likely that you have a cold tone, while if you have yellowish veins, your skin tone is surely warm.

Cold or warm skin tone, there are lots of options for you to choose from when it comes to buying the right coloured contacts to augment your beauty.

If you have cold-toned skin, steel gray or blue tones will perfectly combine with your skin. A soft gray tone will look better on the pale skin while either a deeper blue or an intense gray will be a great match for a darker skin.

Blue eyes are suitable for many skin colors. Cold skin tones combine perfectly with blue colored contacts, while people with darker and warmer skin tones will achieve an impacting look, in which the contrast between a golden or brown skin with a cold light or deep blue will result in a captivating and exotic look.

A warm-toned skin will achieve a sweet look if hazel or honey tones are used, while a colder blue eye color will give an intense and sophisticated look. If hazel and brownish tones are the choices for someone with cold skin tone, it will add warmth and passion to your appearance.

Green lenses will brighten your warm skin tone, which will empower the golden brightness of your new green eyes. An advantage of green lenses is that they usually intensify even the palest skin tones, adding vivacity to your look and overall appearance. Both cold and warm skin tones can benefit from green equally and give you a touch of uniqueness since pure green eyes really stand out in any skin color.

If you want to have an extravagant and unique look, then dare to try violet in your eyes. Violets add freshness to cold skins while they look vibrant in warm-skinned users. Lavender violets go amazing with lighter skin tones, while deeper violets intensify the look of darker skins.

Determine what you want to add to your look, and based on the color of your skin choose the colored contacts that will allow you to achieve so.

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