How To Makeup Depending On The Color Of Your Contacts

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Now that you finally have the colored contacts of your favorite color, you are probably willing to take the most of them and make an impact with your look.

Makeup is an invaluable tool to give to our look a touch of sophistication or enhance the new color of our eyes. Learn how choosing the right makeup will help your eyes stand out and improve the resulting effect of your new sophisticated look.

The idea of applying makeup based on the color of our eyes is to highlight the color of our eyes and give depth to our look. Choosing the right color to enhance your colored contact lenses is not difficult. All colors of the spectrum are classified in the so-called chromatic wheel. Use the basic principles of the color wheel to know which colors will contrast or combine with your colored contact lenses to make them stand out.

There are 3 basic concepts that will help you :

1- You must know that any secondary color matches perfectly with any of the two primary colors it is made of.

2-The other good combination is to use the complementary colors, which are the ones on the opposite side of the chromatic wheel and which contrast with your eyes.

3-Cold colors range from green to reddish violet and warm colors range from greenish yellow to red.

Cold colors contrast with warm colors, so once you determine in which category your colored lenses fall, you can use colors on the opposite category for the enhancement of your look.

If you have blue colored contacts, you will see that it combines with orange. Of course, we are not telling you to use plain orange eyeshadow, but copper tones, caramel or earth tones with a tint of orange will enlighten the blue tone of your eyes. You can also use different tones of blue and gray, but varying the tones and intensity and using a black eyeliner.

Are you using green contact lenses? They will combine will different green eyeshadow of a different tone. Earth tones, as well as pink, purple or violet, will favor you. If you want to add some glamor to your look, copper and bronze tones will make them even more impacting.

Blue eyeshadows are forbidden, they will not only not make any contrast, but also will turn off the green in your eyes.

Do you have hazel, honey, earth or other tones of brown colored lenses? Yours are then, the easiest to combine. Almost all tones will favor your new look; however green, sand and earth tones will be the ones that will help you most. Unless you want to match your makeup with your clothes, try to avoid blue or violet eyeshadow.

Was it your choice to have mysterious black eyes? Then light colors and pastel tones will do wonders contrasting with your dark eyes. Golden tones, light pinks, beige and light gray shadows will combine perfectly with your black lenses. Remember not to use dark shadows or it will give you a hard expression.

Finally, for a nighttime dramatic effect, smokey eye makeup will add intensity and life to practically any colored lenses. However, if you are wearing too dark lenses, such as black, remember to add a touch of light gray or silver to it and do not exaggerate the use of black on your eyelid makeup, it will take out the vivacity and brilliance of your look.

Provided the tips above, play with the myriad of colors and tones to take the most out of your favorite colored contacts!

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