Impress With Your Eyes: How To Achieve An Exotic And Breathtaking Look

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Who would not like having an impressive and spelling look? Haven´t you ever imagined yourself being able to leave your interlocutor speechless staring at your breathtaking look? You can have that unforgettable, enchanting and exotic look! Learn the secrets for an impressive look.

First of all, work on the focal point of a gorgeous look: the color and brilliance of your iris. If you were not genetically blessed with a unique, outstanding eye color, you can easily achieve it with colored contact lenses. There are colored contacts for dark eyes and light eyes as well; so opt for exotic green, aqua, light violet or hazel colored contact lenses to have an eye-catching eye color. Enhance the effect of your favorite colored contact lenses selecting three tones lenses. Such colored contacts have contrasting lighter inner tones and a darker outer circle, adding intensity and brilliance to your look.

The second step is to work on your eyebrows. Have them professionally trimmed and shaped. The eyebrows are the frame of our look, and they help to add intensity and personality to it. Buy a liner of the exact colour of your brows and apply thin strokes following the direction of their growth to fulfill any empty spaces and make them appear dense.

The third thing to achieve an exotic and astonishing look is makeup. Makeup shall be applied before inserting the lenses, this is fundamental to protect your eyes and lenses. Begin applying a concealer to hide the dark circles under your eyes, which take luminosity and give you a tired appearance. Apply the foundation and begin your eyes´s final transformation. Begin with the upper eyelid, doing a black line right at the base of your lashes. Finish this line softly curving it upwards for an enlarging effect. Choose black, brown or blue and light silver eyeshadows. Remember to use creamy eyeshadows to prevent powder from entering your eyes. Apply the black shadow on your upper lid, up to the bone. With a thin brush, draw a line using the same shadow on your inferior lid and blur it. Go back to your upper lid and apply the brown or blue shadow, blending it with the black one. Right under your eyebrows apply the light silver. Just a bit to give luminosity. Now, the final touch for your sophisticated look, the eyelashes! For a great impact, the best would be to apply false eyelashes, otherwise, curl your own lashes and apply two coats of black mascara.

Walk a few steps back, close your eyes, open them again and tell me what you see in the mirror!

Yes, that is you, and that is your new breathtaking look!

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