Makeup Tips for Small Eyes

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Makeup not only helps us to enhance our most attractive facial features, it can also help us to show a different reality if we learn how to create the desired result of playing with colors and shadows. Follow these makeup tips for small eyes to achieve the visual effect of having large eyes.

Use light eyeshadows. Light tones are great for small eyes, they add luminosity and widen your look. Try using two different tones of the same color. First, use the darker tone on the mobile section of your eyelid and apply the lighter tone in the center. A light and iridescent touch right in the middle of your eyes will give brilliance to your eyes and “open” them.

Be careful if you like to use eyeliner. Your eye color may be enhanced with eyeliner, but remember that it creates a rigid frame that contains and limits them. If you still want to dark eyeliner, avoid applying it on the inner part of your eyelids and remember to disseminate it. However, natural beige or white eyeliner applied on the internal part of your eyelids will enlarge them.

Long and voluminous eyelashes. Curb your lashes and apply the mascara with ascendent strokes towards the outer side of your eyes. It helps to enlarge your look. Choose a false-lashes-effect mascara, it will add volume to them and contribute to the enlarging effect.

Take care of your eyebrows. If they are too long, they will visually diminish the size of your eyes. Keep them always perfectly defined. Keeping your eyelids clean contributes to an open look. Also, delicate brows are better than thick ones if you have small eyes. Therefore, if your eyes are small a natural Frida  Kahlo style will not help you at all.

Enlarge your iris wearing circle colored contact lenses. Circle or big eyes colored contacts come in a larger diameter than regular cosmetic colored contacts, and they will make your eyes look bigger than they are.

They come in a wide range of colors and tones, and there are both circle colored contacts for light eyes and dark eyes as well. To increase the augmenting effect and add more vividness to your look, choose two tones lenses, preferably a bit lighter than your natural eye color. Light eyes tend to seem larger than dark ones.

Apply these tips and take the most out of your eyes!

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