Tips To Achieve A Total Makeover With Just A Few And Easy Changes

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Quite frequently women feel they need a change in their lives, and they decide to start changing their appearance. Many times wanting to change our appearance may be the consequence of a change that comes within deeper inside. And sometimes, why not? changing our look can be just a matter of fun or daring to look how we always wanted to. However, when we think of a total makeover, we think it will be too hard, too expensive or irreversible, and this may discourage us. But the fact is that, with a few and easy to take steps, we can transform ourselves. Take a look at these tips and discover a completely new you!

1- How long have you had the same hair-style? So you have always been a long-haired blonde? Or you have always used your brunette hair comfortably cut up to your shoulders? Go to the nearest saloon and have your straight long hair cut! Add new colors to your life and dye your hair! You have nothing to lose, hair grows back! If your hair is short, give hair extensions a try and astonish everyone with a voluminous curly and sexy long hair. You can opt for removable clip extensions if your active lifestyle does not leave you enough time to take care of long hair.

2- If you have always been a brown haired, brown eyed woman...why not surprise your friends, colleagues, and family with shocking blue eyes? There is an immense variety of colored contact lenses available for you to exhibit a sophisticated and new look. Colored contacts are a great aid to help us change the first thing people notice when talking to us...our eyes! You can find colored contacts for dark and light eyes as well, so no matter your natural eye color, you can transform your look into a dazzling one within a few seconds. It is fast, easy, affordable and safe. Seek a specialized vendor, buy contact lenses online, and start looking the world from a new perspective! If you are audacious enough, you can try not only the typical blue, green, brown, hazel or gray colored contact lenses but also fascinating emerald, violets, and turquoise exotic fantasy contact lenses.

3- Renew or recycle your wardrobe. Yes, changing your wardrobe can be costly. However, you can renew it or recycle it without having to spend hundreds of dollars. With accessories such as belts, necklaces, scarves, gloves, bracelets you can transform a boring look and add color and brilliance to your usual clothing. Furthermore, you can apply laces, fantasy stones, big colored buttons, fleeces and make out of your classic shirt a new one. Vintage clothes and accessories can also give any look a different style, visit a vintage store or search through your mom´s wardrobe!

These are just some ideas, let your imagination flow and see how easy it can be to start your total.

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