Tips To Look Younger Without Surgery

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Most of us would like to look younger and fresh despite our chronological age. Many people want that so badly that have no problems undergoing risky and painful surgical procedures o expensive anti-aging treatments. However, there are simple options for those who want to look younger without spending huge amounts or risking their health. Follow these proven tips and achieve a younger looking appearance with ease!

Revise your wardrobe. The  way you dress up can noticeably alter your apparent age. Add colour to your look. If you can not afford buying new clothes, you can rejuvenate your outfit with juvenile and modern accessories. Wear clothes that favour your body type and make seem slimmer.

Sleep properly; at least 6 to 8 hours each night. Sleep deprivation increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that affects your skin. Besides, it leads to reddish eyes and to the nuisance dark circles under your eyes, that add years to your face.

Take care of your skin. Remove your makeup with a specific lotion, supplement your skin with the needed hydrants and nutrients with a good cream. However, that is not enough You must exfoliate your skin 1 to 3 times a week to remove the death cells and have a clean, fresh and even skin. Furthermore, exfoliation increases the production of collagen.

Have a white smile. People with yellowish teeth tend to look older. Visit your dentist to keep your teeth  in good conditions and undergo a professional cleaning and whitening process twice a year.

Take care of your hair. If you have gray hair, do not hesitate dyeing it. That is a must! And if you have dark hair, have some highlights done or lower its colour one tone to prevent the effect of a rigid facial expression. Lighter tones soften our overall expression, thus making us seem younger.

Even and refresh your skin with the proper makeup. Over time, our skin not only starts showing wrinkles, but also some darker skin areas. Use a concealer to hide them, and then proceed to apply a soft foundation, one tone lighter than your skin tone. Avoid using dense foundations and excessive powders, they will deposit on your wrinkles and instead of masking them, will make them more visible.

Add light and life to your eyes. As part of the natural aging process, our eyes tend to lose the color definition and the luminosity. Using coloured contact lenses will give back the vivacity of your look. You do not need to change your eye colour if you don´t want, just wearing translucent coloured contacts will add the colour definition and vividness your look needs to make you look younger.

There are coloured contacts for light eyes and dark eyes, so you can achieve a younger look regardless of your original eye colour. If you wear corrective glasses, you should try corrective colored contacts to have an excellent vision and still look young, without the classical eyeglasses that definitely add years to us!.

Finally, work on keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. Train your mind as well as your body. Try to be happy and optimist, and smile! The rejuvenating effect of a smile that comes from deep inside is something that no makeup, surgery or treatment will ever give you!

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