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There’s just something about gray eyes that draws people in. Maybe it’s because of its more monotone nature in terms of color. It can also be because it looks very similar to blue which is a highly sought after eye color. What’s very interesting about this eye color, however, is that it’s much harder to place than the average blue eye. In fact, at first glance, it’s easy to mistaken this beautiful eye color for blue because of its lack of pigment (more specifically melanin) which is a similar trait that blue eyes have. However, this eye color tends to have some flecks of brown and gold which give it a slightly warmer and more neutral tone; thus, making this eye color gray. Some might even mistake this eye color for green at times depending on the lighting. This color-changing trait gray eyes have is quite rare and makes for a very versatile palette when applying makeup and playing with beauty or fashion. It also gives off an air of mysticism which is highly desired by many.

Your eye color can say a lot about your personality. With every eye color, there are associations people make with them so whatever eye color you have or wear can actually make people see you in a certain way. Here’s one association people make with green eyes:

“Spiritual "prophet" characters, blind or otherwise, will have either gray or light blue eyes that are often described as "looking right through you". Gray eyes are a sign that a character is there to fulfill a "mentor" role and probably won't stay in the story very long. Pretty much any Blind Seer character fits this. Mentors, Seers, and so on are often older and have gray hair and, presumably, eyes in keeping. This dates to Greek Mythology, where many Oracles and the like, along with Athena, had gray eyes.

Gray eyes can also characterize a cold, strong-willed, and unapproachable character often with "ideas above people" mentality.” Source: https://tvtropes.org

Another reason people desire gray eyes is because of their rarity. Gray is one of the rarest eye colors. In fact, studies show that only approximately 3% of the world’s population has gray eyes! To give you an idea of just how small that is, remember that the entire earth’s population is approximately 7 billion people. What this means is that among the 7 billion, only 210 million human beings out there have grey as their natural eye color. Wow!

Thankfully, you don’t have to keep wishing you were born with such an eye color. Colored contacts are a safe and easy way to achieve any eye color you desire! If you’re someone who’s looking to start wearing non-prescription colored contact lenses or even someone who’s looking to find a different and safe place to switch buying from, then we’ve got you covered!

Do not forget that it is important to first consult your eye doctor to make sure it is okay to purchase non-prescription contact lenses. Make sure that your eyeballs aren’t a different size or shape from what is common. Non-prescription lenses will usually come in a standard size which will fit most but not all so it is important to find out if your eyes have outlying traits as mentioned above.

You can try out some non-prescription contacts even without consulting your doctor but make sure not to keep them on for long if you start feeling much discomfort. If it feels that wrong, then it must be.

That being said, there are also a number of reasons other than fit which could contribute to your discomfort. It could be dryness of eyes and simple lubrication from eye or lens solution might just do the trick. However, if your discomfort is extreme, remove your lenses and check for any tears or dirt on them. Tear's small dirt specks are quite painful on the eyes and can be tricky to spot right away so it is always important to check for them.

Another sneaky problem would be that you may have put your lenses on inverted! No shame in that; it happens even to the best of us. You’d be surprised at how many people overlook this. To check and avoid this, simply place your contact lens on your index finger and inspect its shape. If the lens has curvy and bowl-like sides, then they’re correctly oriented. If your lens sides go inward first and then fan out on the edges, then they’re definitely inverted.

Thankfully, if you purchase your lenses from TurtleContacts.com and experience any of these problems, you can reach out to us and we will gladly replace your contact lenses with a fresh pair. We don’t experience this often but we always make sure to give you that customer guarantee. This is what makes our brand so safe and reliable.

Safety aside, our lenses are really quite beautiful. We carry everyday lenses in beautiful and natural looking colors. They come in 2 finishes which you can choose from depending on the vibrancy you want on your contacts. Dual color is more subtle and natural looking while Triple Color gives eyes more of a pop with its lighter inner rim. These 2 finishes are available for colors like sky blue, green, gray, aqua, brown, and even violet!

If natural-looking gray eyes are what you desire, then we recommend you try our Dual Gray Contact Lenses! They’re perfect for giving you those mysterious eyes which have a touch of whimsy without being overbearing. If you’d love to play around with different looks whether it’s for makeup or fashion, but like to maintain a look that isn’t overdone, then Dual Gray is your clear winner! Those who cosplay will also love the look of our gray lenses but might opt for Triple Gray for that extra anime pop for cartoony effect! This is also what makes gray so versatile: it’s not just for everyday wear; it can also be for cosplay or Halloween. The best part is that you don’t have to have light eyes to wear this color! Our gray contact lenses will pop even against the darkest colored eyes. So if you’re looking for a hot new pair of gray contacts to complete your transformation, look no further than TurtleContacts!

If you’re concerned about shipping orders, we make sure to notify you once your purchase has been confirmed and once again with your tracking number once your purchase has been shipped. We offer 2 kinds of shipping and those are ground shipping which is standard and takes 6 business days. We also offer priority shipping which takes 4 business days if you’re looking to get your contact lenses sooner.

As you can tell, we carry many contact lens designs to suit any of your needs, but to have great customer care as well? You might be thinking that this is too good to be true! Thankfully, it isn’t! You can even chat up any of our customer representatives for any queries you may have or even get a discount on your purchase. If you’d like, we can even update you whenever we have a sale or any new promotions. We take pride in our work! Just leave a message and we’ll be sure to respond right away in order to give you the utmost satisfaction.

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