Wearing And Caring For Your Colored Contacts Step by Step Guide

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Your favorite colored contact lenses finally arrived! I know how exciting it is, you just want to put them in right away and go out seducing everyone with your new beautiful look.

Give yourself a few minutes and learn how to wear and care for your colored contacts, and then safely and charmingly enchant all people around with just a glance!

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly prior to handling your lenses.
  2. Inspect your new lenses for any possible manufacturing defect.
  3. Let your lenses soak for 4 to 6 hours in contacts solution prior to the first usage.
  4. When handling the lenses, use only your fingertips. Do not allow your nails to touch your lenses. Their material is very delicate, and you could tear them.
  5. Observe the lenses. If you notice that the edge is curved outwards, it means the lens is inside out!
  6. Use one finger to lift your upper lid and with another one, the lower lid. Place the lens in your eye using your middle or index finger.
  7. Release your lids, close your eyes and blink a couple of times.
  8. 8-If needed, apply a soft circular massage on your lid until the lens centers on your eye.
  9. After wearing them, wash and. dry your hands prior to removing them.
  10. Pull your lower lid down, move your eye to one side and, using your middle finger, slide the lens to the lower white area of your eye.
  11. Gently grab the lens between your forefinger and thumb and take it out.
  12. Now you have to clean your colored contacts to store them properly. Place the lens in your hand and apply some drops of multipurpose or cleaning contacts solution.
  13. Rub them very smoothy with your fingertip doing circular movements.
  14. Rinse them with fresh multipurpose or rinsing solution.
  15. Empty the containing case from any existing solution and fill it with a fresh unused solution.
  16. Place the lenses in the case ensuring they are totally soaked; otherwise they will dehydrate and become unusable.
  17. Even though you cleaned your contacts before storing them, you have to clean then again before reusing them.

Following these 17 steps, you can rest assured that both your eyes and vision lenses are protected, as well as your beautiful hazel, blue, gray or green colored contact lenses are properly maintained.

Maintenance and storage of your lenses are fundamental to keep them in good conditions of usage during their recommended period length. At the same, you are protecting your eyes and vision from any possible harm.

Start looking at the world through a healthy, seductive and bright look!

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