What Not To Do When Wearing Colored Contacts

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Taking proper care of your eyes and your colored contact lenses is mandatory to avoid conditions such as infections or irritations of the cornea, as well other diseases that could irreversibly affect your vision.

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When you bought your colored contact lenses, you were probably instructed on how to take care of them. However, there are some other things that probably did not ask and that you must take care of not doing. Take a look at some things you should not do when wearing colored contacts.

-No matter if you are in a rush, never clean your contacts with saliva. Germs and bacteria present on it can cause an eye infection.

-Avoid any cosmetic product such as perfumes or lotions to get in touch with them. It can irritate your eyes badly.

-Do not share your colored contacts with family or friends, this increases the risk of acquiring eye infection.

-Do not apply hand lotion before you insert your contacts, it can transfer to your lenses and ruin them or irritate your eyes.

-Remove your lenses before going to sleep. They are supposed to be worn only for about 8-10 hours a day.

-Do not use tap water or bottled water to store, clean or rinse your lenses. It can cause eye infections; besides, tap water can contain impurities that may damage your lenses.

-You can wear makeup while using contacts, but you must avoid applying eyeliner to the inner part of your eyelid.

-Do not use your contacts when swimming or at a hot tube. This could bring infections or eye irritations, added to the risk of losing your lenses.

-Never rub your eyes, you could damage your cornea and ruin the lenses. If you have any itching sensation, better take them off immediately.

-Do not keep using your colored contacts much beyond their usage recommended period.

-Do not reuse your cleaning solution. Always use fresh solution to clean or store your contacts.

-Avoid mixing cleaning solutions or mixing a solution with water.

-Do not attempt to re-use lenses that have become dry due to air exposure while off your eye.

With proper care and maintenance, and being aware of the dos and don´ts when wearing colored contacts, you can safely enjoy viewing the world from a renewed point of view!

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