Which Colored Contacts To Choose For A Vivid And Natural Look

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Some people erroneously think that even when they would benefit from wearing colored contacts, they will give them an artificial look they do not want. However, colored contact lenses are suitable both for people that like to show a dramatic look no matter if it looks unnatural on them and for people that just want to add vivacity, brilliance or depth to their look, but appearing as if it was natural.

If you are among those persons that feel that a slight change to your eye color or tint will help you achieve the fresh and natural look you desire, it is just about knowing which contacts are the proper ones for you. You have to choose your blue, green, brown or hazel colored contacts based on your own natural eye color and characteristics. Find out which ones will work on you.

Cosmetic contacts come in a vast variety of colors and, of course, some are much more natural than others. The first thing you should know if you want a natural look is that translucent tinted contacts do wonders modifying the color of light eyes, while they can help dark eyes get the touch of vivacity and freshness they may need without altering their color. People with dark eyes though can only change their original color with opaque lenses.

Translucent tinted lenses allow your natural eye color show up; they do not drastically change the color of your eyes, they just add a lighter or darker tone to your eyes. These are great when all you want is to enhance your color, make it more defined. Many people with light eyes complain that their color is not defined. If this is your case, take an augmenting mirror and observe them carefully. Find out which color seems more present in your iris and buy translucent contacts in which that tone is more present. Remember that translucent lenses come in two or three tones. If besides needing to define the color you want to add some extra vivacity and intensity, choose three toned lenses.

People with dark eyes can also enhance their look with translucent lenses if what they want is to add a lighter tone to make their natural eye color seem brighter and more vivid. For instance, brown eyes can achieve a naturally looking hazel color if they choose green tinted lenses. On the contrary, with darker lenses, you can add sophistication and sensuality to your dark eyes.

Natural penetrating dark eyes are the most difficult to modify. However, opaque lenses can help them. If you have dark brown eyes, opaque brown lenses with amber tints can add dimension and freshness to your eyes.

No matter if you have light or dark eyes, you have many options to chose from if you just want a prettier and natural look, give contacts a try and refresh your look.

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