Which Coloured Contacts Are More Appropriate For My Natural Eye Colour?

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To choose the proper coloured contacts you have to consider two main factors: first, your original eye colour, and secondly, the final result you want to achieve.

If you have dark eyes, your search will have to be restricted to opaque coloured contacts. Opaque lenses will allow you to change your eye colour or to add luminosity and intensity to your look.

You can turn your brown dark eyes into deep blue eyes with opaque blue coloured lenses. If you wish to have a sophisticated and eccentric look, violet or emerald green should be your choice. Also, you can give vivacity and brilliance to your look without totally altering their original colour if you select hazel or honey contacts. Your eyes will still look brown, but the lighter tones will add a sparkly vivacity to them.


People with light eyes have more possibilities to choose from. With translucent coloured lenses, individuals with light eyes can intensify their natural colour for more vivacity and colour definition.

For instance, if you have light blue eyes, translucent blue coloured contacts will let you achieve an intense blue look, that will appear natural since you will not be changing your original colour. Besides, such tint translucent lenses do not fully cover your original colour, which can still be seen.

Also, you may want to add your light eyes a different tone. For example, you can give a touch of colour and sophistication to your gray eyes wearing green coloured contact lenses. On the other side, you can undergo a complete change wearing opaque lenses. You may want to transform your sweet light eyes into an intriguing and trespassing look wearing black opaque lenses.

Lastly, there is another colored lenses category that suits both light and dark eyes equally. We are talking about fantasy or crazy design lenses. These ones come in the most varied and amazing designs and can give funny, exotic and wild results to users. Some people wear them regularly to reinforce their goth or punk look. Most people though, usually wear them to compliment a costume such as with vampire, wild fox, devil, cat or psychedelic eyes designs.

It is exciting to try new looks and styles, whether it be for a one-time occasion or to adopt on regular basis. It is fun, cheap and safe, so, why not giving coloured lenses a try?

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