You Can Have Bette Davis Look Too, Learn How!

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Bette Davis had amazing eyes that made her an icon of beauty and glam. Of course, Mother Nature blessed her with her distinctive inspiring features. And probably yours are very different than those of this former beautiful star. However, if you learn how to make up accordingly, you can achieve the eyes and look that made her worldwide famous, and which transcended decades of beauty trends and paradigms. Learn how you too can have the sophistication and elegant look that melted so many hearts back in the forties, and who left an everlasting print.

Begin with your facial skin. Apply concealer to cover any skin imperfections and to hide the nuisance dark circles under your eyes. Then continue with the foundation. Choose one to match your skin color to look natural,  but one tone lighter. Only one tone lighter; otherwise you will spoil the natural effect you want to achieve. Finish with a touch of loose powder.

Bette´s cheekbones were naturally outstanding, but you can enhance yours applying a darker tone of blush powder right under your cheekbones. Apply it in ascendent direction, to both external sides of your face, following your own bones' structure.

Now, go to your eyes. Choose a light eyeshadow, natural tones, such as light beige. Preferably use a matte creamy one, and apply it all over your upper lid. After that, use a darker tone of beige or light brown and apply it on the crease of your upper lid. This will add depth to your look. Make sure you blend it with the previously applied lighter eyeshadow. You do not want a rigid line, but a smooth darker shadow.

After having applied the eyeshadow, apply black liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelid, right where your lashes grow. You have to apply it beginning from the inner corner towards the outer side. Go thickening the line as you apply it to the outer section. If you are not used to liquid eyeliners, it may take you some attempts to get used to it. Persist!

Next step is to apply black mascara to your eyelashes. Make sure you apply two coats to the upper eyelashes. I recommend thickening effect mascara, otherwise, false eyelashes are a good option. By the way, your eyebrows need to be neatly groomed and penciled to fulfill any empty spaces.

After you finished you with your eyes, you need use lip liner to define your lips. Back in Bette´s times, it was usual to go slightly outside the natural lip line in order to make the lips seem sexier. Do it with a natural tone liner. Followingly, fulfill your lips carefully with red lipstick. Take the excess of it with a napkin, re-apply and repeat the procedure. Finish your lips applying liquid lip-gloss.

Now your transformation is almost done. What is left? Getting the fascinating eye-color that Bette Davis had. You can have it too by wearing colored contact lenses. Colored contacts are a safe, cheap and easy way to have the dreamed eye color. The good thing is that you can have the amazing eyes Bette Davis enchanted all with, regardless of your natural eye color. There are colored contact lenses for dark and light eyes that will permit you to completely achieve the Bette Davis look. Seek the advice of a professional colored contacts seller and he will indicate you which blue colored contacts will let you get the Bette Davis eyes to look!

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