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Want intense, bright Emerald green eyes? Try our Triple Color Green contact lenses for a great new look!

Triple Color Green contact lenses look great on both dark and light eyes. Our best Triple color contacts feature third lighter tone in the inner part of the lens which makes them look more vivid and intense. These gorgeous green cosmetic contacts can be worn for up to 3 months, they are made of 42% water, so they are extremely comfortable to wear!
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  • Comes with Free Contact Lens Case
  • Looks GREAT on both light and dark eyes!
  • Non-Prescription(No Prescription Needed)!
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Wear them for up to 3 months!

The Sweet Details

  • Gives you a more Exciting and Attractive Look
  • Have a Dramatic Appearance
  • Look more Intelligent
  • Works well on Both Light and Dark eyes
  • Comfortable and FUN to wear
  • Super-Fast Delivery

The Boring Details

  • Wear period: Up to 3 months
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Made of 42% water
  • Diameter: 14.2mm, B.C: 8.6mm

28 reviews for Triple Color Green Contact (90 Day)

  1. Margaret (store manager)

    Very natural looking ! the golden ring in the middle blends well with my natural light brown color. The colors pop and are gorgeous. comfort is as good as any other contact.

  2. Kathie Keil (store manager)

    Never worn a contact in my life. Lost a bunch of weight and wanted to something fun other than new hair. Always wanted green eyes. My eyes appear larger and more awake! Love them. I’ll reorder at 90 days.

  3. Meredith (store manager)

    I’ve only used them twice and they are good so far. Will do another review in 3 months.

  4. Kendall (store manager)

    I love my triple green contacts. They are easy to use, comfortable and very natural looking.

  5. Lady T (store manager)

    got them in 3 business days! that was fast!!! I wear them at work and they not bothering my eyes at all. Love them!

  6. Arrianne (store manager)

    i love these for dates! my dates always tell me how pretty my eyes look but they’ll never know my secret hihi!

  7. Myra (store manager)

    I hope my husband won’t get mad at me for buying all of their contacts! Haha

  8. Niki (store manager)

    they were perfect, pretty much the exact same, paid $10 for extra fast shipping & they came in 4 days as advertised, very happy with these 🙂 would recommend them completely.

  9. Susan (store manager)

    I thought they would be darker, but quality is great!

  10. Marianne Yetto (store manager)

    Excellent! I love them. Not. “Fake” looking at all. Comfortable to wear.

  11. Julie (store manager)

    These contacts are amazing. I received tons of compliments on the color of my eyes. They are very comfortable to wear.

  12. Peggy Kelly (store manager)

    Natural color. Looks great on brown eyes

  13. Sandy M. (store manager)

    I have natural dark brown eyes and these add depth and subtle enlargement with the brown limbal ring. Very pretty and natural looking!

  14. Jessa (store manager)

    I have milk chocolate colored eyes. They show up perfectly fine, they look perfectly fine. SUPER comfy. Feels like I’m not wearing them. Fast shipping!

  15. Faith R. (store manager)

    These were my first pair of circle lenses and they were adorable. They lasted 3 months without losing any comfort.

  16. Devven (store manager)

    Looked good on me ! I thought I was a new person. I would try them, yes they are no prescription the go right on your eyes and they last long. I would buy 2 or 3 colors just so you can switch it up because these are what your looking for. Last 90 days. And you get a free case for them.

  17. Debbie Sepe (store manager)

    I got the green ones and with having hazel brown eyes, they are so natural, whereas most others I’ve seen don’t. Will be ordering other colors!

  18. Winnie Harrington (store manager)

    These contacts are the best!! The first ones I ordered were the triple gray and I got a lot of compliments on them! Then I decided to order the triple green, and while they didn’t stand out as much, I was still happy with the color! My eyes are dark brown and these really snazzed up the appearance!! Think I’ll try the triple sky blue next!!:)

  19. Kim J. (store manager)

    I absolutely love them!! They look so natural on my dark eyes. And they’re so comfortable that it feels like I’m not wearing them! I have always had problems with contacts, but these are the most comfortable ever!

  20. Cathy Baucom (store manager)

    I have light green eyes that seem to have lost some of their pigment with age. (I am 62). I used to get compliments on the unique color of my eyes. I ordered the triple color green and was slightly disappointed that they didn’t make much difference in the color. On the other hand, they are amazingly comfortable. I have worn prescription contacts in the past and have had difficulty with accurate fit d/t my steep astigmatism in each eye. I am ordering another pair, maybe dual green, aqua or a blue to try to achieve a more definite color change. The product is very satisfying.

  21. Sam (store manager)

    Hey.. this one looks amazing on me I swear. They look so natural on me. I have jet black eyes and wanted to try something new.. glad this fits me well 🙂

  22. Jme Ramos (store manager)

    These contacts were awesome. I took care of them very well and wore them for longer than 3 months. My eyes already have green in them so these made my eyes just amazing. 🙂 Going for aqua now. Thanks!

  23. Eileen Dunn Lange (store manager)

    The green isn’t as bright as pictured but I like that. It looks more natural. My natural eye color is a hazel green so these really enhanced my natural color. I found them to be as comfortable as any other contact.

  24. Sara (store manager)

    Extremely comfortable, If you’re looking for natural looking, cute lenses these are perfect!

  25. Traci Rivera (store manager)

    I love my contacts. They look natural. I’m looking forward to getting the blue ones next.

  26. Kathy (store manager)

    So i have very light green eyes and they look sad for me that I decided to purchase this nice pair of lenses. at first it was hard to put in cause it’s too soft, but it’s worth it. I love the end result and my eye color is more vivid. great find

  27. Wendy (store manager)

    I’ve ordered contacts other sites and there’s nothing like the turtle contacts. very comfortable, easy to put it. so happy i came across their website love my triple tone green and dual tone brown

  28. Divina (store manager)

    Blends well with dark brown eyes, very happy with this colour!

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