Triple Color Gray Contacts (90 Day)

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Want intense steely gray eyes? Try our Triple Color Gray contact lenses, and you’ll look great! Perfect colored contacts on black, brown or light eyes.

Triple Color Gray non-prescription contact lenses look great on both dark and light eyes. Triple color contacts feature a third lighter tone on the inner part of the lens which makes them look more vivid and intense. These gorgeous gray contacts can be worn for up to 3 months, they are made of 42% water, so they are extremely comfortable to wear!
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  • Comes with Free Contact Lens Case
  • Looks GREAT on both light and dark eyes!
  • Non-Prescription(No Prescription Needed)!
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Wear them for up to 3 months!

If you want to stand out, these Eye Kandy™ contact lenses are for you! These Triple Color Gray contact lenses will make your eyes stunningly intense, the only colored contacts that look real. Triple Color lenses feature a third lighter tone in the center giving your eyes a lot more depth! You will be stunned by how amazing you will look. And don’t worry guys, these won’t make you look girly!

These Triple Color Gray lenses give you a very bright and natural looking color change. It features a dark limbal ring and a beautiful shade of gray.


The Sweet Details

  • Gives you a more Exciting and Attractive Look
  • Have a Dramatic Appearance
  • Look more Intelligent
  • Works well on Both Light and Dark eyes
  • Comfortable and FUN to wear
  • Super-Fast Delivery



The Boring Details

  • No Prescription Needed
  • Wear period: Up to 3 months
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Made of 42% water
  • Diameter: 14.2mm, B.C: 8.6mm

30 reviews for Triple Color Gray Contacts (90 Day)

  1. Riki

    shocked on how comfortable they are! I mean I always forget I have them on, good that people always notice it! 😀

  2. Stacy Lucas

    I was told that the triple color contacts pop more so I was scared that they’d look tacky and obvious on me but these were surprisingly vibrant yet natural looking on me. 5 stars!

  3. Ebony

    I love the color! I get a lot of compliments on them! Great price and very comfortable! Will continue to purchase them!

  4. Pam

    not much of a monthly customer. Used to buy yearly ones. But seriously! You gotta buy those!! You just cant imagine how comfy they are. As for color changing? Omg just omg. Best i evet had! So natural looking. If you want something natural just go for it. It completely changes the eye color and NO ONE knew it wasnt my real color!

  5. Sophie

    Very comfortable and easy to wear. I’ll be buying the green ones next. 🙂

  6. Roberta

    My hubby gave these to me as a gift and I super loved it!!!! I never tried contacts before, it will not be that super comfortable right after putting it in so don’t worry just blink 3 times and you’ll feel like nothing is on your eyes!! I’ll ask him to order more lol xoxo

  7. Orinne

    Looks great but why are these super expensive compare to others???

  8. Fanceta

    The contacts are truly comfortable to wear and their customer service is great.

  9. Ricka

    absolutely obessed my my triple gray contacts! Love how you can wear them everyday without looking weird

  10. Emily

    triple gray are my favorite. Although I have most of the colors, this is the pair that I actually swear by. Super natural looking. Violet for date nights and blue for paties!

  11. Karen

    I’m glad I’ve found this site. So happy with my triple gray contacts.

  12. Mary

    I love it! At first I was hesitant to buy cause it might not match my eye color but they sent me sample images so I bought anyway. Worth the money!

  13. Maria

    Oh my goodness, this is soooooo gorgeously beautiful. Very comfortable & absolutely will buy again & will highly recommends to all my families, colleagues, friends & including my enemies. This a one of a kind to enjoy & have fun with tantalizing gorgeously color eyes contact lens, indeed! Wow, Wow, Wee! Thanks. “More Power & Success in your Business through all the years to come”. God bless.

  14. Jade

    I’m a very first time contact wearer and I was afraid I’d experience severe discomfort and was skeptical to purchase online. Once I got my pair in the mail with easy to follow instructions I put them on my eyes IN MINUTES. Within an hour I couldn’t even feel they were on and my vision didn’t change at all. I am a very satisfied returning customer.

  15. Lizzy

    they are lovely. I just wish shipping is faster

  16. Queen

    Love how I can wear them everyday. Super natural looking. I want to try the triple green next!

  17. Berta

    The colour is far more natural looking than Iexpected! Too expensive!

  18. Yoshabele

    okay they are expensive which is a bummer because I want to buy them all!! very pretty contacts

  19. Liiby

    I got mine today! I totally love them but I’m not sure what solution to use. Any suggestions?

  20. Karina

    It does feel like it has 42% water content which makes it very comfortable compared to other contact lenses that I have tried.

  21. Ella

    I’m a first time buyer and I love it. I’ve always wear colored contacts for fun and I think I’m gonna be a regular customer.

  22. Lynn

    Couldn’t believe how they feel like you don’t any contacts in at all. Very comfortable. A bit pricey compared to other places.

  23. Nina

    Very cute!!! My daughter really likes them they are kinda pricey though but she looks so beautiful with them on

  24. Nikki

    They Are cheap well made and love the color it makes with my brown eyes ….I wear them all the time and I am always getting about how nice my eyes are! Super comfortable

  25. Jasper

    These lenses incorporate your natural eye color to give you a elegant and beautiful polished look!

  26. Camille

    Ohhh these are my favorites! Shows well on my dark eyes without being look over dramatic. Super casual!!!

  27. Olga

    I got these contacts and they are so comfortable on the first day of wearing them. I didn’t even feel like I had the contacts on. It looks natural with my da…

  28. Amanda

    I absolutely fell in love with my contacts the first time I wore them. They are beautiful and make my eyes pop. I can’t wait to get to try the other colors. Thank you I am very pleased with my purchase.

  29. Lisa

    As a non-contact wearing person these contacts were very comfortable but they were not as vibrant and as noticeable as in the picture showed. I have brown eyes and i wore the triple grey contacts for three days and no one even noticed.

  30. Martha

    For the price I paid, i was not totally satisfied with item. The color does not show as bright as on the sample photo.

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