Triple Color Brown Contacts (90 Day)

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Deep, intense, brown, like a bear. Get some gorgeous Triple Color Dark Brown contact lenses today!

Triple Color Brown contact lenses look great on people with light eyes or for dark eyes. Triple color contacts feature a third lighter tone on the inner part of the lens which makes them look more vivid and intense. These gorgeous brown contacts can be worn for up to 3 months, they are made of 42% water, so they are extremely comfortable to wear!
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  • Comes with Free Contact Lens Case
  • Looks GREAT on people with light eyes!
  • Non-Prescription(No Prescription Needed)!
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Wear them for up to 3 months!

If you want to stand out, these Eye Kandy™ contact lenses are for you! These Triple Color Brown contact lenses will make your eyes look deep and rich. Triple Color lenses feature a third lighter tone in the center giving your eyes a lot more depth! You will be stunned by how amazing you will look with these full eye contact lenses. And don’t worry guys, these won’t make you look girly! If you are looking where to buy colored contacts, you can get this online.

These Triple Color Brown lenses give you a very natural looking color change. It features a dark limbal ring and a beautiful shade of brown.

The Sweet Details

  • Gives you a more Exciting and Attractive Look
  • Have a Dramatic Appearance
  • Look more Intelligent
  • Works well on light eyes
  • Comfortable and FUN to wear
  • Super-Fast Delivery

The Boring Details

  • No Prescription Needed
  • Wear period: Up to 3 months
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Made of 42% water
  • Diameter: 14.2mm, B.C: 8.6mm

14 reviews for Triple Color Brown Contacts (90 Day)

  1. Tina

    They are not what I expected but bery comfortable so that’s okay

  2. Larriz

    I love that these make my dark brown eyes look mysterious and awe struck and they photograph well!

  3. Yosh

    they never failed to deliver on time. Super fast shipping, great quality as always

  4. Sheena

    Okay, so I have been reading reviews about them not showing on dark eyes. Lol that is why they are under the category for light eyes. My eyes are light green and man these looks fabulous! Very comfortable really impressed that they are not for one time use only

  5. Sara

    I have light green eyes. They made my eyes a little darker green. Definitely not brown.

  6. Jessa

    I wish they last for more than 3 months 🙁

  7. Shaina

    This was given to me as a gift and I ended buying myself more. LOL

  8. Yolanda

    love how they are very natural looking, superb quality! will be buying more colors and I also love how to they always have specials!! seriously know how to take care of their customers

  9. Elizabeth Callahan

    I have a pair of bright blue eyes. I got mine yesterday although it took a little bit longer than I expected, it was absolutely worth the wait. I got the result I wanted with my dual brown contact lenses. Will wear them every day!

  10. Tanya

    I have light gray eyes and i always wanted to have brown eyes, on of my friend recommend turtlecontacts and i’m sooooo happy! friendly customer service people and fast shipping. jus evrything you can ask for from a company!

  11. Karen

    I’ve been buying here since 2015 and I always loved them. Good customer service!

  12. Edz

    I have light blue eyes and this is perfect for a change. Wore it in the office and everyone was shocked on how natural they look. Great job!

  13. Alexis B.

    Okay, so my eyes dark brown and I was slightly disappointed in the effect. My friend and I bought the same color and it looked PERFECT on her. She has bright green eyes though 🙁 I would give this 5 stars but gotta give it 4 instead since it doesn’t show up on dark eyes. I can’t wait for the triple color violet I ordered to arrive though!!

  14. Nicole

    I have green eyes and always wanted to have brown eyes ans this gave me a sweet change. Very comfortable, and can stay long! Perfect for night outs. 😉

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