Triple Color Violet Contacts (90 Day)

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Wow! Intense, bright violet/purple eyes? Whats not to like! Try out our Triple Violet non-prescription contact lenses now!

Triple Color Violet contact lenses look great on both dark and light eyes. Triple color contacts feature a third lighter tone on the inner part of the lens which makes them look more vivid and intense. These color enhancing contacts, gorgeous violet contacts can be worn for up to 3 months, they are made of 42% water, so they are extremely comfortable to wear!
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  • Comes with Free Contact Lens Case
  • Looks GREAT on both light and dark eyes!
  • Non-Prescription(No Prescription Needed)!
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Wear them for up to 3 months!

If you want to stand out, these Eye Kandy™ cosmetic contact lenses are for you! These Triple Color Violet contact lenses will make your eyes stunningly intense. Triple Color lenses feature a third lighter tone in the center giving your eyes a lot more depth! You will be stunned by how amazing you will look. And don’t worry guys, these won’t make you look girly!

These Triple Color Violet lenses give you a very bright and natural looking color change. It features a dark limbal ring and a beautiful shade of Violet.


The Sweet Details

  • Gives you a more Exciting and Attractive Look
  • Have a Dramatic Appearance
  • Look more Intelligent
  • Works well on Both Light and Dark eyes
  • Comfortable and FUN to wear
  • Super-Fast Delivery



The Boring Details

  • No Prescription Needed
  • Wear period: Up to 3 months
  • Each box comes with one pair(2 lenses)
  • Made of 42% water
  • Diameter: 14.2mm, B.C: 8.6mm

16 reviews for Triple Color Violet Contacts (90 Day)

  1. Natalia

    Glad I have bought her is turtlecontacts. I love them so much. I have light eyes and they worked well. If you dark eyes, I don’t think it show up well.

  2. Glenda

    delivered in just 2 days! WOW 😀

  3. Claire Sosa

    I’m supper happy that my co-work recommended them. Very comfy contacts I sometimes forget they I ahve them on, not sure if that’s really good 😀

  4. Mariela Mendez

    These contacts are amazing! Wore them in a party and everyone noticed my violet eyes and asked if they were natural! I’m so happy I came across this page. LOL

  5. Urile

    Didn’t expect them to be so opaque and natural looking. They’re not too very obvious, just about right which is fine with me. I hope they come out with more colors.

  6. Zayrelle

    I received the MOST compliments about how beautiful they are! BUT PLEASE ship faster!!!!

  7. Pat

    my friend gave this to me as gift at first now I keep buying myself more. Super great contacts!

  8. Margaret Flynn

    I’ve never worn contacts before and decided to try it. I have dark brown eyes and decided on the triple violent. They changed the look of my eyes, but not the dramatic effect I had thought it would have judging by the picture of the advertisement.

  9. Liliana

    I looked like a doll every time I use this.

  10. Rebecca Peters

    I was surprised at how large pupils are my green eyes are so dark they over ride most of the contact leaving a violet ring around the out side of eye kinda freaky looking good for Holloween.

  11. Bela

    Super inlove with my tri-tone violet! nice to try something different sometimes 🙂

  12. Florence McDonald

    For 2 years now, I’ve been buying here in Turtle Contacts. The customer service is superb, the products are superb, and there’s no reason I wouldn’t come back! Triple violet is my favorite. Pls keep them always in stock!

  13. Cindy

    I have light hazel eyes and these totally covers well. Happy with the results I’ll try the dual brown next

  14. Denise Duschak

    I have very dark eyes and I have almost every color contact lenses that turtle makes. They cover my dark eyes so well and look so natural. I buy the triple layer and it definitely is noticeable. I love this site shipment is so fast also.

  15. Raquel

    The other reviews are right, super comfy great customer service it’s only the shipping that sucks

  16. Claire G

    These were surprisingly better than those other trendy “realistic” lenses people keep raving about. Idk about u but I happen to like the dark rim effect

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